Free Shipping & COD (Cash On Delivery)
Online shopping in now easier, complete and practical. promo of us now get free shipping on all laptop and gadget products to more than 100 cities across the country
Terms & Conditions Promo
1. This promotion is only valid for online purchases through the website "shopping cart" and select a shipping method (Free Shipping)
2. This promotion is only valid for delivery to the Indonesian region of western / central and most of eastern Indonesia (if there are additional costs will be in contact our CS)
3. Promo Free Shipping applies only to the purchase of gadget and laptop
4. Promo okay to use the service free shipping / regular / yes / oz "depending on the destination city"
5. Promo free shipping include insurance
Conditions COD / payment on the spot
1. If you choose COD transaction then you should be in the city batam
2. Payment / transactions can be done in the office gadgetbatam or in place that have been agreed
3. transaction services delivery gadget / laptop specifically in the city of Batam * courier in wear costs between 50.000 *
4. will give special discounts for the gadgetmania if transact COD
5. fully entitled and may at any time change the transaction to COD / cancel / request DP for transactions
6. For gadgets / unit of certain items that are not ready stock in recommend making a reservation at a special (Pre Order) / Reconfirmation on our CS so that the transaction can be timely COD