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By accessing or using the Website www.gadgetbatam.com then every user is considered to have received, understand, agree to, and agree to comply with all of the contents in the Terms & Conditions of Service below. www.gadgetbatam.com can develop these Terms and Conditions from time to time for legal and regulatory reasons, or to ensure the proper operation of the Site and smoothly. Users will be notified when there is a change via an email sent to the address given user, or via a notice on the Site.
  • The User is any individual that includes anyone who wants to browse or view this site, or the person who wants to buy goods on this site.
  • User is personally responsible for the use of the Site and its services gadgetbatam
  • Users use the Service in compliance with all the rules that apply in Indonesia.
  • Gadgetbatam.com service is available as a payment option, the information service via chat directly with our staff,
  • The free service postage (Indonesia western / central) and direct service to meet with our staff to Batam
  • gadgetbatam.com not responsible for the delay in the arrival of goods
  • gadgetbatam.com not responsible for the cost of returns / refund products, all the cost of postage and return the buyer's responsibility (adjusted shipping cost price from batam)
  • gadgetbatam.com not responsible for any transactions outside the BCA Account Number 8520268899 A.N Megatech Mobile Corporindo
  • If the goods have been shipped in trouble and not because of the expedition and the buyer, should be immediately sent back to gadgetbatam with the same conditions at the time of handover unit
  • Purchased goods can not be returned / replaced with money. gadgetbatam will replace the goods in accordance with the provisions and the existing stock
  • Goods will be in the process of making a payment to gadgetbatam.com / payment deadline 1x24 hours
  • delivery gadgetbatam definitely use the insurance of the expedition
  • gadgetbatam responsible for damage / loss of goods during transportation are underway / help the insurance claim expedition
  • gadgetbatam responsible only to file the claim on the goods
  • process insurance claims / refunds of the expedition entirely the buyer's responsibility
  • Warranty gadgetbatam.com consists of 5 different warranty
  • Gadget / Product warranty Indonesia / products of this type mendapatakan 1-year warranty and support service center in Indonesia
  • Gadget / Product warranty singapore / products of this type to get a 1 year warranty and support service center singapore / Batam
  • Gadget / Product warranty international / products of this type to get a 1 year warranty
  • Gadget / Product warranty distributor / products of this type get 1 month warranty from the distributor / gadgetbatam
  • Gadget / Product warranty of former gadgetbatam / products of this type get warranty 1 week
  • Gadget / Product warranty international / products of this type to get a 1 year warranty from the state distributor product set (HK / TW / MY)
  • * Warranty Inter / Warranty Distributor of gadgetbatam apply in person for 1 week to exchange the unit for not mistake the user *
  • * Match Inter / general - Must be in new condition / Acc and boxes as well as in a state of complete *
  • * Match Inter / general - If in a state of blister / secondhand fall / user negligence applies only services *
  • * Match Inter / general - Damage beyond personal warranty for 1 week, only helps Claim unit *
  • * Conditions Warranty Inter / General - "does not guarantee the warranty could be applicable in singapore / Match not loacal set Sg *
if in the process a warranty claim happened to the additional cost / claim was rejected because of user error / specific regulations of the distributor outside the responsibility gadgetbatam
If users have other things to be conveyed or comments or concerns about material which appears on the website gadgetbatam.com, please contact sales@gadgetbatam.com
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